10 Weirdest Comic Characters You Won't Believe Exist

Naked spider ladies, men made of beef, and a superpowered monkey - we have it all.

The Stalk Saga
Image Comics

In the world of comics, there's generally very few 'normal' characters. Superheroes fight crime in skin-tight lycra, horror monsters lurk in the darkest corners of your imagination, and even those who appear like regular people are largely set up to appear ordinary so that when their dark secret is revealed, it's all the more surprising.

But the usual standard of eccentric characters is easily totally outstaged by some individuals. Through weird backstories, weird appearances, or weird personalities - or sometimes all three - some figures just naturally stand out far more than others. And this is a blessing in disguise, as while it can be totally jarring to have a naked spider assassin rock up into your comic, it's also undeniably fascinating to witness what the wilderness that is the human mind can create when it's pushed to get as wild as possible.

Though you may spend as much time wondering how a real human came up with these characters as you do actually reading about them, you can at least safely say that they're never boring.

Here's looking at you, Bobo the Super Monkey.

10. Clownface - Arkham Manor

The Stalk Saga
DC Comics

Take a moment to enjoy your life before you read this one, because once you gain knowledge of the creature known as Clownface, you can't ever take it back.

Clownface was an offshoot of Clayface, that somehow managed to forget it was Clayface and convince itself that it was a mute old man, for reasons us mere mortals may never decipher.

When the Joker - disguised as Arkham worker Eric Border - realises the creature's true identity, he infects it with his blood, mutating the docile thing into a hyper-aggressive clown-like monstrosity.

He then calls it Clownface, which immediately kills any potential intimidation factor the thing could have possibly had. He still looks like an old, rotten piece of forgotten chewing gum under a desk, so he's still gross as hell, but for some reason calling it 'Clownface' just totally drains any semblance of spookiness out of the poor piece of clay.


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