10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done

9. Willingly Choosing To Serve Galactus

Deadpool Bait
Marvel Comics

Granted this may be due to blissful naivety on the part of Deadpool - and a result of our anti-hero being broke and without a job (hey we've all been there) - but when you consider the magnitude of the tyrant he aligns himself with it's something many readers find hard to forgive.

Upon coming to terms with just how out of pocket he is, Wade proceeds to call several marquee villains - Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus and Apocalypse - in an attempt to find himself work as a freelance gun-for-hire. Some might say a "Herald" perhaps... However each of them turn him down.

Fast forward to Deadpool reading the ads in the paper and he soon finds "Herald Wanted". Not knowing what this means, he finds himself in an interview with the great Galactus.

Galactus is a literal eater of worlds, meaning his power is tremendous. Does Wade care? No, of course not - he's about the money. Galactus bestows the power cosmic on the merc' and sends Wade across the universe looking for planets to be devoured.

Deadpool takes to the task of running rampant over planetary life, but irritates Galactus to the point of being fired. The sheer fact Deadpool was willing to go this far is crazy, and definitely a terrible decision in this author's book.


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