10 Worst Things Jean Grey Has Ever Done

Exploding worlds, sure - but picking on Spider-Man? Not cool.

Marvel Comics

As one of the most long term students of Professor X, and one of the original X-Men team, it's inevitable that Jean Grey has some sketchy moments here and there. Add in her unstable and often uncontrollably destructive Phoenix powers, and it's surprising that every X-Men comic doesn't close with Jean accidentally nuking half the known universe.

This said, that doesn't mean Jean can't be blamed for the bad things she does. As often as mind control, or the will of the Phoenix Force provokes her to do bad things, she's also more than capable of doing them of her own accord - evidenced by the time she tortured her teammate Emma Frost, or any of the may times she's ready things in people's minds that she really shouldn't have.

Jean's character equally shows the compassion and heroism that the X-Men are capable of, while also showing the incredible danger that some of their powers present, especially when they can be set off by strong emotions.

All this in mind, Jean also does plenty of awful things without using her powers, which suggests that maybe the blame lands somewhere other than her rad abilities.


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