10 Worst Things Jean Grey Has Ever Done

10. She Killed Rogue

Marvel Comics

In the X-Men Noir series, there are very few heroes - namely because the vast majority of the mutants are instead adapted into a sort of mafia, which shockingly makes them a whole lot more susceptible to doing crime.

Yet, despite being thought to have died in the first issue, the crime of Jean Grey's murder is revealed to have been a fraud, with Jean instead murdering Rogue to take her place and be 'free' from the control of Professor X.

It's an incredibly nice twist, but it's also one that leaves Grey looking unabashedly evil, as her clear disregard for human life, especially for her own gain, is transparent.

This would all be far, far worse, if it didn't take place in a universe where 99% of the folk around are also just a little bit twisted. Evil universes kind of have to involve evil deeds, after all.


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