10 Worst Things Magneto Has Ever Done

8. Infantilised The X-Men

Magneto Marvel X-Men
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Since "dropping a load of metal on someone" is a pretty limited skill-set, Magneto occasionally tries to branch out. It doesn't always go well.

One of his first attempts at doing something new was to create an artificial lifeform called Alpha. To cut a weird story short, Alpha turned Magneto into a baby and then disappeared off into space. Mags was later restored back to an adult and the whole ordeal gave him an idea.

In X-Men #112, Magneto finally managed to capture his enemies and exact his revenge. Said revenge involved strapping the X-Men into devices that not only robbed them of their powers, but also their motor functions, leaving them in a state similar to infancy.

Magneto then introduced a feminine robot in a maid's outfit called Nanny, who's job it was to feed and care for the paralysed X-Men. Hey, not everything Chris Claremont wrote was the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Just the idea of being trapped in your own body is horrifying enough, but the real terror of Magneto's plan is how many teenage boys reading that issue probably went on to create some of the weirder sides of the internet.

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