10 Worst Things The Kingpin Has Ever Done

2. Had Daredevil Arrested

Kingpin Spider-Man
Marvel Comics / Alex Maleev

For years, Daredevil's secret identity was a card that Kingpin kept close to his chest. However, when the media exposed Matt Murdock, he needed a new way to use that information to his advantage.

At the time, Matt's identity as Daredevil was an open secret. Everyone knew it was true, but no-one could prove it and Matt managed to put out an injunction to stop anyone from actually mentioning it.

Kingpin had recently been sent to prison and so preyed on the FBI's desire to put away Daredevil by telling them that he had the 'Murdock Papers', a set of documents that would conclusively tie Matt Murdock to the Man Without Fear. Fisk promised to hand them over in return for his immediate release.

The papers were a complete fabrication, but Kingpin was still able to manipulate the FBI into going after Daredevil. In the confrontation, Matt was badly injured and arrested. However, the FBI also betrayed Kingpin and locked him up along with Daredevil, hoping that the two would just kill each other.

Instead, the two worked together to escape. Daredvil turned on Fisk though, when he also tried to break out his right hand man Bullseye. Matt Murdock ended up a free man while all WIlson Fisk got was a bullet through the leg.


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