11 Ridiculous Wonder Woman Villains You Won't Believe

Diana has fought some of the greatest supervillains. She has also fought a man made of paper.

DC Comics

The 2017 film, Wonder Woman, received critical praise, made over $800 million, and was a true game-changer for the DC Extended Universe. DC fans were thrilled to see the Amazonian's two oldest villains on the big screen, Doctor Poison, and the god of war, Ares. The 2020 sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, will introduce Diana's arch-nemesis, Cheetah, and one of her most iconic villains, Maxwell Lord.

Since she has battled Nazis, terrorists, super-powered madmen, gods, and Titans, Wonder Woman has one of the most diverse rogues galleries. Fans are debating who she will face in future films? The First Born? Will Zeus make an appearance? Darkseid, perhaps? Who could play Hades?

But there are some baddies that you can bet your life will NEVER make an appearance in a DC movie. Not even as a cameo. Not even if there were 300 Wonder Woman films.

When you churn out a new villain for a superhero to face every month over 80 years, a couple of them are going to be stinkers. Although she has faced some great villains, Wonder Woman has also battled a domino-faced terrorist, a crook obsessed with angles, and a man with mice powers, among other ridiculous villains you simply won't believe existed...


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