15 Reasons Why Daredevil is the Greatest Superhero of All Time

12. He's a Religiously Flawed Character

I don't mind saying it. Daredevil is much more kick-ass because he's a Catholic. What makes it even better is that he isn't a perfect Catholic, going around preaching the Good Word and being the holier-than-thou stereotype art mediums love to exploit. Like every other Christian on the planet, sometimes Matt Murdock fails to the obligation that is his faith. And that's real. That's personal. When that happens to a devoted follower of any religion, that's a pain and guilt almost unrecognizable, and that's something that is missing from comics today. Daredevil stories are never preachy; the writers for the character have never been interested in Sunday School lessons and nothing about the stories will attempt to convert you in any way. They deal with the person and nature of Murdock's faith, though, which is an intimate character study. There's an argument that pertains to why Christians shouldn't vote or act based on their religious morals and should act on the ethics that lead to the betterment of a specific society. Some Christians (or those of another faith) believe those things to be one in the same, and there have been cases where Daredevil feels the same. But being a Christian doesn't stop Daredevil from taking on the case of an assumed Satanic murderer, who allegedly murdered a young boy in some sort of Satanic ritual in the story Daredevil: Redemption. In fact, it's quite the opposite. He finds himself face to face with "Christians" seeking the blood and retribution for the loss of the child. He deals with these people who pass the blame onto whoever seems most fitting because the accused is different, and therefore, scary. It's a wake-up call to Matt, to see these people who share the same basic beliefs as him in the concepts of God and justice, and see them so perverted and muddled. But Daredevil stories that don't shy away from Murdock as a man of God are often some of the best we're given. And kudos to the writers who write those stories in mind, because in this day and age, it does take some cojones.
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