15 Worst Female Superhero Costumes

10. Sue Storm

A-Force Marvel She Hulk
Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four’s uniforms may not be the most dazzling of superhero costumes, but at least they’re functional. However, for reasons we will never know, 1992 gave us the ‘sexy’ Sue Storm.

In a misguided attempt to keep with the times, writer Tom DeFalco and penciller Paul Ryan decided to give the Invisible Woman a little makeover. No one else on the team, just her. It was a bold move that did not pay off for them, as the costume change still angers fans to this day.

In Fantastic Four #371, Sue unleashes a wave of fury towards Reed, claiming he pays more attention to his work than his own wife. She then fights an entire police squad who are trying to arrest her brother for accidentally destroying ESU.

Throughout the arc, Sue acts completely out of character. She designs a new costume, featuring a cut-out ‘4’ doubling as a boob window. It was eventually revealed that she was being controlled by Malice, the villainous entity Sue had merged with during Infinity War. It was due to Malice’s control that Sue had been acting out and felt the need to don the new costume.


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