5 Reasons Why Comics Are Better Than Ever Right Now

Comics fans yearn for the past, ignoring the positives of the present. It's time that changed.

DC Comics

It's easy to look back on the previous decades of the comic book industry and see nothing but positives, especially when compared to today. And sure, there were a lot of things that previous generations of comic fandom didn't have to worry about.

For one, the speculator bubble bursting in the nineties was basically the worst thing to happen to this industry in the long run, being blamed for every negative but necessary-to-keep-afloat business practice that comic companies have had to employ since.

However, despite that rabbit hole of problems, there have also been massive improvements in recent years - to the point where now we feel utterly confident in saying that comic books are better now than they've ever been before. Sure there will always be crappy comics, and bad business practices that get in the way, that's the nature of industry as a whole. But it's still important to look at the positive strives we've made since then, to make sure we remember why this industry deserves to survive and thrive.

It's tempting to only see the positives of the past, but these examples prove that the industry, and comics as a medium, are better now than ever before.


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