5 Reasons Why Comics Are Better Than Ever Right Now

5. We're Finally Getting Past Grimdark Storytelling

DC Comics

The competition for which era of comics were the darkest is most heated between the early to mid-nineties and noughties, to the point where people just kinda lump those two eras of comics together into one almost 20 year cycle of some of the darkest and bleakest material the big two ever put out.

It got so bad that even Infinite Crisis, an event comic whose sole purpose was to critique and tear down the current heroes for letting things get so dark, more often than not revelled in the very brutality it sought to criticise.

Fortunately, with recent initiatives like DC rebirth, we seem to be slowly moving away from that toxic place the industry found itself in. Sure, we still have very dark material, but event comics like Heroes In Crisis - for all of its faults - at least set out with the intent of analyzing what effect such events can have on the characters they happen to; which is definitely a stronger thematic throughline than "Superboy Prime tore off Pantha's arms... because EDGE".

Hard to say how long this will last, but with luck - and a lot of time - we won't see quite as much as we did during those dark times.


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