6 Interesting Versions Of Cyclops Across The Multiverse

6. Prelate Summers

AGE OF APOCALYPSE (EARTH-295) - The AoA was a world without Charles Xavier, who was murdered in the past by his son from the future, David Haller AKA Legion, which caused a paradox that resulted in the creation of the Age of Apocalypse. The new reality left humanity near extinction thanks to the unimpeded genocidal plans of the eternal mutant known as Apocalypse. When Apocalypse set out to conquer mutantkind under the tenets of "survival of the fittest", his mutant race quickly prospered, which led to the downfall of humanity in America. Magneto had formed his own group of X-Men in honor of his deceased friend Xavier, and they continued to fight against Apocalypse and his forces for the fate of the world. The various characters of the X-Men evolved very differently in this new, war torn world where mutants dominated over a humanity that continued to hate and fear them. Cyclops of the AoA universe is known as Prelate Summers, a rank he earned in the army of Apocalypse under the leadership of his adoptive father Sinister, long-time villain of the X-Men in the mainstream 616 universe. Scott, along with his brother Alex and a number of other mutant siblings, was put in charge of the breeder pens, where human and mutant prisoners were used as genetic fodder for Sinister and Hank McCoy AKA Dark Beast. Prelate Summers was an elite mutant on the upper echelon of Apocalypse's ranks, which bred a deadly rivalry between his brother and fellow prelates. Scott experienced many ethical and moral issues in the service of Apocalypse and the numerous atrocities he participated in, and after a meeting with the mutant rebel Jean Grey changed him, Summers began secretly freeing mutant prisoners. This eventually led to his abandonment of Apocalypse's mutant army and into the arms of Jean Grey as they led a city of human slaves to freedom.
Major Character Differences The most literal difference is the fact that Prelate Summers is now a cyclops in more than just name, having only one eye. The eye was lost during a battle with Weapon X (AoA's Wolverine), which also resulted in the loss of Logan's hand. Cyclops is also uncharacteristically on the dark side of this mutant war, fighting against Magneto's X-Men in the hellish world he helped create. However, even though Scott was raised by Sinister and groomed by Apocalypse, the inner hero eventually emerged and rose up against Apocalypse, an act which eventually cost him his life at the hands of his own brother.
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