8 Comic Villains Humiliated By Daredevil

7. Mysterio

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Marvel Comics

Usually found butting heads with Spider-Man, Kevin Smith's Guardian Devil arc saw Mysterio deciding to switch his attention to Daredevil.

This eight-issue tale found the world of Matt Murdock thrown on its head. His girlfriend Karen Page breaks up with him and reveals she has HIV, his best pal Foggy Nelson is accused of murder, Matt has a baby Antichrist dumped on him by a 15-year-old girl who knows his real identity, and Bullseye is on a mission to kill as many nuns as possible.

As Guardian Devil kicks into gear, it's revealed the aforementioned Mysterio is behind all of this.

Quentin Beck makes himself known to Daredevil, explaining how he'd put a plan into motion to have DD kill him. Beck had obtained the hero's real identity from the Kingpin, posed as the doctor who gave Karen her HIV diagnosis, faked the death of the mistress Foggy was accused of murdering, drugged and impregnated the 15-year-old by artificial insemination, and paid Bullseye to go on his rampage.

Terminally ill and with little time left, Mysterio's aimed to push Daredevil to the edge of insanity so that he would kill Beck.

How is this embarrassing? Why, after Quentin spent an entire year planning this, it was all for naught. Daredevil would laugh off Mysterio's scheme, leaving the rogue to commit suicide via shotgun.

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