8 Great Perks They Should Keep For NYCC 2018

6. Upgraded Virtual Experiences

Harley Quinn invades San Diego Comic Con
Warner Bros.

If a Comic Con visitor desired to raise a vending machine like The Gifted, place themselves in the famous Power Rangers opening, or join the Justice League for a few minutes, this year's virtual reality offerings had them covered. The increasingly interactive Comic Con should continue to take advantage of the VR trend and its updates.

To promote its November release, Warner Brothers introduced a VR experience for wishful fans who've always wanted to suit up like the heroes of DC Universe. Players were thrust into realistic simulations with the aid of HTC Vive controllers. The simulations gave fans a three hundred sixty-degree view and feel, complete with a ride in the Batmobile as the Dark Knight. More experiences like these in 2018 would further solidify NYCC's status as a premier function for pop culture followers.

In the footsteps of Pokemon Go, original apps that promoted location-oriented games with augmented reality components were the talk of NYCC 2017. The newly released Walking Dead: Our World app blended the show's characters with the real world surroundings of players. Magic Leap and Madefire teamed up to create an app that lets their readers envision graphic art floating in their bedrooms. Its beginning stages were revealed this year by Guardians of the Galaxy writer Andy Lanning and his team, who have every intention of making it available to consumers soon. Hopefully, it will be accessible to Comic Con attendees next year.

With greater emphasis on virtual reality, NYCC 2018 would broaden the worlds of comics and their customers.


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