8 Most Brutal Things Magneto Has Ever Done

Crazed, cruel, and clinical - and that's just on his good days!

Marvel Comics/Marvel Comics

In the pantheon of comic book history, few villains are as fascinating and unique as Magneto.

While there so many examples of bad guys just being bad guys for the sake of being bad guys, this long-time X-Men foe is a multi-layered, detailed character who can at times have a strong argument for being in the right. Sure, he's massively extreme in his approach for the most part, but deep down Magneto's intentions are to look after his mutant allies who are being victimised and ostracised by others.

Whether you know him as Erik Lehnsherr, Magnus, White King, Grey King, Erik the Red, White Pilgrim, The Creator, Michael Xavier, or simply just Magneto, the Master of Magnetism is an undeniable A-lister when it comes to comic book royalty.

It's often said there you can't have a truly great hero without having a great villain for them to face off against, and it's testament to the appeal and depth of Magneto that the X-Men have for so long been such a popular presence in the world of comics and pop culture.

But still, a villain's gotta villain - and in Magneto, we've got one of the most brutal in the business.

With that in mind, here are eight examples of Magneto at his brutal best.


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