8 Most Brutal Things Magneto Has Ever Done

7. Ripped Out Wolverine's Adamantium - Fatal Attractions

Scalphunter Magneto
Marvel Comics

The image that you see there is the tangled, ragged torso of Wolverine having his adamantium pulled from within him. It's also one of the most iconic and famous pieces of X-Men imagery in history.

To give some backstory here, the Fatal Attractions story of 1993 saw the UN Security Council activate a network of satellites around the planet that were designed solely to stop Magneto from using his infamous powers of magnetism. Do you really think that was enough to stop this most nefarious of comic book rogues, though? Of course it wasn't.

Counteracting this manoeuvre by shutting down the entirety of Earth's electronics, Magneto soon once again finds himself on a collision course with his old pal Charles and the X-Men. To his credit, the Master of Magnetism largely plays it cool upon being confronted by Xavier's mutants. That is until Wolverine takes a swipe at Magneto.

Pissed off at the audacity of Logan, Magneto loses it and straight-up pulls the adamantium from Wolverine's body. As in, the one and the same adamantium that is bonded to Weapon X's skeleton.

We've seen teases of this at several points over the years, but this is one of the rare times where Magneto succeeds in taking the wind out of Wolverine's sails. In fact, it ends up being touch and go whether Wolvie will survive this brutal attack. And if it wasn't for Jean Grey literally holding his skeleton in place with her own all-powerful abilities, Logan would've died here at the hands of Magneto.

As a result of Magneto's actions, Xavier unleashes his own anger on his old friend as he mindwipes Magneto and leaves him comatose.


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