8 Oldest DC Characters

1. The Endless - Since The Dawn Of Time

The Endless Sandman
DC Comics

Although The Endless started out under DC's Vertigo imprint, the group have featured in several DC stories since their introduction, which makes them the oldest beings around.

Comprised of Dream, Destiny, Death, Destruction. Desire, Despair and Delirium, The Endless have existed since the dawn of time and are destined to walk reality for all eternity. The two most recognisable members of the troupe are Dream and Death, both created by Neil Gaiman in 1989, and they've featured in some of the most critically lauded comics of the last three decades.

The Endless really are just that - never ending. They're destined to live forever and have had a hand in every era of humanity and even before, making them not only among DC's most powerful characters, but among their oldest too.

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