8 Terrifying Interpretations Of Comic Book Villains

And you thought the Sentinels were scary enough before...

20th Century Fox

In comic book adaptations, it is said that the hero is only as good as their villain. Oftentimes this can be seen to be true, with a weak villain bringing down an entire movie or TV show. As such the reverse is also occasionally true.

When a villain is done well, it can raise a TV show or movie to be far better than it would be otherwise.

Harder still than simply translating a villain onto the big or small screen, is translating the fear that a villain causes with them. It's hard in the modern age to be scared of a supervillain in a spandex costume. Still, audiences in recent years have seen actors take a character that would otherwise be dismissed as goofy and make them terrifying.

The final scene of The Boys may have been one of the most horrifying TV moments of last year, while Thanos helped make Endgame the highest-grossing movie off all time. Comic book villains are in their prime.

Those two are only part of the picture though. The movies on this list have taken characters who were once ridiculed and made them villains to be remembered.


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