8 Terrifying Interpretations Of Comic Book Villains

8. Rasputin - Hellboy (2004)

Columbia Pictures

Karel Roden shines as villain Grigori Rasputin in Guillermo Del Toro's 2004 version of Hellboy.

Rasputin in the Hellboy comics appears as the primary villain in Volume 1. Awoken from his slumber in the Arctic circle, he seeks to release the gods of chaos and destroy the earth.

Roden takes this role in the film and runs with it. Taking inspiration from the true mad monk and the legend surrounding his murder, Roden plays Rasputin with a sinister calm. His ability to appear from the shadows like a nightmare and take control of the situation makes him a truly terrifying foe for the B.P.R.D.

This is to say nothing of his control over the demon Sammael, to whom he gives the power of reincarnation. And then there is his own reincarnation. The sight of him rising from his pit drenched in blood is powerful and horrifying.

Rasputin as a character is scary. He is one of those villains who maintains their cool, calm composure giving everything they do and say a sinister and refined air. Beyond this, Roden embodies the role perfectly, displaying a Rasputin that can truly be feared by all who see this film.


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