8 Worst Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done

8. Super-Sex Costs Lives - The Dark Knight Strikes Again

DC Comics

Never can anybody accuse Frank Miller of not paving his own path in the world of comics. The legendary Miller is a complete and utter genius, yet somebody who often needs pulling back from the edge a little. And one such example of a major Miller misstep is 2001's The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

Attempting to recapture the lightning in a bottle that was his iconic The Dark Knight Returns, Miller returned to his own extremely unique future-set realm of DC Comics. And while the story was clearly a Batman tale, one of the arc's most jarring moments revolved around Wonder Woman and Superman.

In this follow-up offering, Frank explored the notion of Diana and Kal-El having sex. But not content with a panel or two covering this topic, Miller dedicated five pages to an elaborate sex scene which saw volcanoes erupt, oceans rise, and islands have to be evicted.

While Wonder Woman and Superman were getting their rocks off, those mere mortals on the ground below them were having to dodge literal rocks as they struggled to stay alive in the wake of the destruction caused by these two lovebirds.


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