8 Worst Things Wonder Woman Has Ever Done

7. Caused Captain Atom To Explode - Injustice

Wonder Woman Mera The Flashpoint Paradox
DC Comics

The Injustice video games and accompanying comic book series see a very skewed take on the world of DC Comics. While still very much the DC Universe that we know and love, this particular landscape is massively shook up after Superman is duped into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child. From there, the sh*t well and truly hits the fan in a tale that pits heroes against heroes, villains against villains, and even throws in alt-world shenanigans to boot.

In a story full of death and brutality, Wonder Woman pulls a total d*ck move on Captain Atom - a move that would ultimately cost Atom his life.

With Wonder Woman and Superman a romantic couple on the evil side of history here, they find themselves fighting Captain Atom as part of Batman's resistance brigade. Given how the Captain is one of the few people who can match the Man of Steel in battle, it's no major surprise to see him get the upper hand over Supes in the pages of the Injustice comic book.

THIS is where Wonder Woman makes her mark.

Slicing Captain Atom's neck with her sword, Diana cracks the hero's protective suit - which in turn means he's only got a limited amount of time before he explodes and takes a large chunk of the planet out with him.

Ever the hero, Captain Atom decides to head on up into the stars in order to keep the carnage to a minimum - but not before taking Superman with him.

Unfortunately, this maniacal Superman would survive this explosion - which could not be said for poor old Captain Atom.


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