9 Best Selling Comic Series Of All Time‏

What are the best selling floppy comics published? The answers may surprise you...

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Comic books are super important. Not only are they visible in a wide variety of different mediums, the industry itself has been captivating readers for almost a century, and despite yearly prophesies that the industry is on its death bead, comics are still popular. Marvel, DC and several other publishers command devoted fan followings across the globe, with several comics series able to bring readers back in month after month.

Which brings us (hopefully quite nicely), to the matter of the industry's best selling comics series. Though numbers can be deceiving in that they don't tell the full story of a comic's long-lasting popularity (an individual issue could sell millions of copies, while later ones only manage a couple of thousand), a bes selling series is still a best selling series.

Of course, longevity is a major factor in which series have sold the most, so it should come as no surprise to learn that comics that have yet to stop being published since the 1930s and 40s have had quite the head start in terms of the figures they've been able to accrue.

It's not all about sales, but in discerning the changing times and trends of the industry, it's interesting to note which titles thrived the most, no matter how brief a period it was.

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