Are DC Gearing Up To Retcon Their Biggest Mistake?

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In the issue, Wally, Barry, and the other Speedsters are asked to travel to the future where Iris West will be tried for the murder of Eobard Thawne (it's complicated). Wally, disquieted by the Renegades' Rogue motif, doesn't want to join, but does so reluctantly upon Barry's request. When they get to the future, however, Wally's nowhere to be found, with one of the Renegades exclaiming that his time device must've been tampered with.

Wally then finds himself in a destroyed version of the iconic Flash museum. A voice walks him through all of his past exploits before settling on the costumes of his two children. The voice then turns out to be none other than Professor Zoom himself, who vows - perhaps duplicitously - to help Wally and save his children.

While this isn't confirmation that DC could be set to rectify the New 52, it does illustrate that the old continuity will feature in a prominent way going forward and, if they were to change the timeline again, it wouldn't be without precedent; Barry Allen, somewhat traumatically, can recall the events of Flashpoint vividly.

What did you think of Flash #47? Do you think DC are gearing up to retcon the New 52? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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