Did Alex Ross Just Confirm Fantastic Four Return In Marvel Legacy?


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In a move that will no doubt set Marvel's hearts a racing, the ever-incredible Alex Ross took to Instagram last night to upload a sketch of Reed Richards and Sue Storm - one half of the Fantastic Four - both sporting new redesigns.

The post was swiftly taken down by the artist, adding fuel to the fire that the real return coming in Legacy isn't Jean Grey, but Marvel's first family instead. Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm will be appearing in the upcoming Two-in-One series as well, and, despite reports to the contrary, it very much feels as though an FF reunion is on the cards.

The outfits Ross posted certainly aren't the Four's traditional garb, and although this was a preliminary sketch - meaning that later additions will obviously be made - those highlights that span down from the pair's collars look to be a permanent feature. Also interesting is Ross's style, which seemingly alludes to the characters' roots with a modern yet immediately familiar look - the hallmark of Marvel Legacy thus far.

Only time will tell if the FF will be getting a proper return for Marvel's latest reset, and although the odds - at this point at least - seem to be stacked against Mr. Fantastic et al., a real reunion would make perfect sense for the relaunch. The team pretty much kickstarted the Marvel Universe as we know it; if that isn't cause enough for a return, then what is?

Do you think the Fantastic Four will make a return in Marvel's latest relaunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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