How Batman Would Defeat Each Member Of The Justice League

9. Green Arrow

batman defeats justice league
DC Comics

Perhaps it's not totally fair to say that Green Arrow is a bit of a pushover when compared with the rest of the Justice League - after all, he takes countless supervillain crooks down on his own, and he's pretty much a prime example of peak human condition. However, when you stand him next to a dude who shoots laser beams out of his eyes, it's hard to measure up.

This would explain one of the most inadvertently hilarious things Batman has done ever. In DCeased - after Bruce has passed away after being attacked by some of his zombified former proteges - Damian recovers a memory file that contains some of his plans for taking down various threats. Green Arrow... is not on it.

That's right: Batman didn't make a specific plan to take down Green Arrow, presumably because he figured he could just go and beat him up old-school if anything went wrong with him. Upon learning this news, Oliver is exactly as annoyed as you'd expect.


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