How Batman Would Defeat Each Member Of The Justice League

8. Plastic Man

batman defeats justice league
DC Comics

Given how silly and cartoonish the ability to be a human piece of elastic looks, it's easy to write Plastic Man off as a bit of a joke character - someone to bring a little more light-hearted banter to the table, and not do much else aside from that.

However, the fact that Plastic Man can take more or less any form via his plastic morphing means he's much more powerful than you might initially expect - evidence in Dark Night Metal, where he turns into a goddamn plastic war machine and absolutely kicks ass.

It's clear that Batman considers Eel O'Brian a legit threat, because when he does go for him, he does so with some seriously hardcore plans.

Because Tower of Babel sees Bruce's plan against Plastic Man, and it's to coat him in liquid nitrogen and shatter him into a million tiny pieces.

Hilariously, this is again a merciful scheme, as the Batman Who Laughs appears to have stretched Eel more and more until he reached his breaking point - which is a fate we could never experience, but imagining it alone feels pretty awful.


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