Marvel Reveals Hickman's Plans For X-Men's "Historic New Era"

Can lightning strike three times for the acclaimed Avengers scribe?

Powers of X Nightcrawler Magik
Marvel Comics/R. B. Silva

Marvel might be busy hyping up their upcoming eightieth birthday celebrations, but all eyes remain fixed on Jonathan Hickman's X-Men revamp. The writer previously helmed lauded stints on Fantastic Four and The Avengers, but will now turn his sights towards Marvel's mutants with two upcoming series: House of X, featuring art from Pepe Larraz; and Powers of X, which will be drawn by R. B. Silva. Marte Garcia will cover both books, which are intended to work in a similar fashion to how Avengers and New Avengers did back during Hickman's run a few years ago.

Speaking to, Hickman revealed his aims and hopes for the new series, and also unveiled several new images from both House and Powers, which are both set to release this July.

"We wanted the message to be very clear: This is a whole new era for the X-Men. This is what we're doing now,” the writer said. "We needed to sell the idea that this is what we're going to be doing for the next few years."

House of X
Marvel Comics/Pepe Larraz

Interesting to note is that, for the duration of both of these series, all other X-Men titles will be cancelled. This is effectively a fresh start, and it's clear from Hickman's interview with Comicbook that he has some really exciting things planned for the future.

Asked what fans should expect from his series, the writer simply responded: "Big X-Men things. Some cool new ideas. A lot of your favorite mutants. Definitely some killer art, as Pepe and R.B. are doing an incredible job."

Apart from unveiling new covers for both House and Powers, Hickman also disclosed that, once both minis end, he will helm the "flagship" X-Men book. Other comics are set to follow, but expect details to emerge only once SDCC comes around this July, the same week Hickman's first X-Men comic will release.


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