Origins Of 10 Different Lantern Corps And Their Oaths

5. Indigo Lantern Corps

DC Lantern Corps
DC Comics

The Indigo Lantern Corps - or the Indigo Tribe - have harnessed the power of Indigo Light of Compassion from the Emotional Spectrum. Indigo Light has the unique ability to change the heart of enemies to be more compassionate. Hence, they use weapons coated in Indigo Light as well Power Rings to battle enemies.

Abin Sur was responsible for founding the Indigo Lantern Corps. During his time of service as a Green Lantern, he visited a planet called Nok whose natives were being held captive by some aggressive explorers.

Among the captives, he discovered that a native called Natromo and his companions had found an unknown source of Indigo Light in a deep cavern. Upon coating this light on weapons and striking enemies with it, the attackers felt remorse and regret over their actions.

After overthrowing the raiders, Abin Sur and Natromo decided to harness the Indigo Light to create the Indigo Power Ring and Battery in order to create a resistance against the Blackest Night prophecy.

Oath: "In sorrowful day, in misfortune of night, we help those who need our might. With the lantern power of Abin Sur, we rid your miseries with compassion and might!"

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