Star Wars: 10 Best Expanded Universe Comics From The New Canon

Star Wars may have its legends, but there's a lot to love about the new Expanded Universe.

Marvel Comics

After Disney acquired Lucasfilm in October 2012, for $4.06 billion, The Lucasfilm Story Group unified the Star Wars canon across various media including comics, film and television.

So that the sequel trilogy was free from the restraints of the old expanded universe, The Lucasfilm Story Group decided to discard the decades of prior continuity. In 2014, the old EU was rebranded as Star Wars Legends and had its canon status stripped.

In January of 2015, Marvel published a range of new Star Wars comics series in line with the new canon for the Star Wars franchise. From the Prequel era to the Sequel trilogy, the stories depict characters from both the light side and dark side of the force with rebels, smugglers and Imperials all receiving stories of their own.

The new Stars Wars canon includes two separate Star Wars runs, three different Darth Vader series and a plethora of mini-series and one-shots. The various comics encompass characters ranging from Jango Fett during the Age of the Republic to Rey during the Age of the Resistance - and even tie into the recent Jedi: Fallen Order video game.

With the announcement of the High republic line of novels, comics and more, now is the best time to revisit some of the new canon's best comics.

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