The Joker: 10 Most Famous Comic Book Origins Ranked Worst To Best

8. Serenading Harley Quinn

DC Comics

The Joker has rarely chosen to associate himself with people, instead preferring to keep his distance and force others to do his bidding. But the one individual who he seems to somewhat care for is Harley Quinn, who made her cinematic debut in Suicide Squad.

Whilst that film chose not to go into too much detail about the Joker’s origins, the comic sees the Prince of Crime opening up to Harley and spinning her a rather demented tale in a bid to gain her love.

When in Arkham, and she is assigned to him, Joker tells her that he used to enjoy going to the circus with his father, who would then relish laughing at the clowns as they dropped their trousers. However, when his father’s pants dropped, his old man lashed out at a young Joker, giving him a broken nose and seemingly paving the way for a lifetime of chaos in the process.

Ranking explained: The reason this ranks so low on the list is, well, it’s just a bit lame. Try telling that to someone you have your eye on. Guaranteed it will not have the same effect it did on Harley.


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