The Walking Dead: 10 Comic Moments That Went Too Far

10. Lydia's Eye-hole Obsession

Image Comics

This is pretty high up on this list because it isn't anywhere near as bad as some of the other stuff from this series, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

After getting to know Lydia, Carl begins to form a good friendship with her that leads to a romance. But to Carl's and the reader's surprise, Lydia actually had a thing for Carl's missing eye and subsequent wound, going as far to call it sexy.

As if the sequence of events leading up to this wasn't bad enough, we then get some great art from Charlie Adlard depicting Lydia licking Carl's eye wound. It's honestly gross.

It was just really weird to have to read, and made many readers understandably uncomfortable. Look at Carl in that panel! He seems terrified.

While Lydia did come from a cult of skin wearing murders, Kirkman could have probably just left it at Lydia calling the eye sexy. It does seem to work on Carl though, as they eventually end up pursuing a relationship together.


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