What Happened To Everyone Who Joined The Weapon X Program?

9. X-23

Wolverine X23
Marvel Comics

X-Men Evolution was one of the many X-Men products made to tie into the then concurrent movies, and its most notable addition to the mythology of X-Men was Laura Kinney, X-23.

Laura was the Weapon X Program's attempt to recreate their most powerful experiment by growing their own version of Wolverine from a sample of his DNA. This resulted in a young girl with Wolverine's powers, except with two claws instead of three, and one claw for each of her feet.

Like with Logan before her, Laura was impossible to control, as the young girl was initially little more than a feral animal. But over the years, with the help of Logan teaching her right from wrong and providing the good influence that only the master of mentoring troubled teenage girls can, Laura gained humanity, her own identity, and even the mantle of Wolverine itself after Logan died. And even when Logan came back, Laura has retained the name of Wolverine, although she did have to give back the yellow and black color scheme.

It all evens out though, since she then got a far superior new costume to replace it.


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