Why Comic Fans Hate Cyclops

7. The Competition

Cyclops Evolution
Marvel Comics/Jim Lee

While the Cyclops character has numerous reasons why fans often struggle to take to him, there's also the simple fact of that matter that some of his X-Men cohorts are just far, far more relatable or cooler.

The obvious example to lean towards, of course, is that of Wolverine.

Wolvie and Cyke are mainstays of the X-Men, and both men have been positioned as two of the more senior, influential figures in the mutant world. Whether it's vying for the affections of Jean Grey or vying for leadership of the X-Men, these two have often been positioned up against each other - and let's face it, there's only ever going to be one winner for fans in that battle of popularity.

When you've got a rugged badass like Wolverine, a suave 'n' stylish ball of charisma like Gambit, a sassy ass-kicker like Rogue, a super-smart Beast, or a visually fantastic character like Iceman or Angel, it really is hard for Cyclops to truly capture the imagination and attention of the reader.

Taking things to the silver screen, the X-Men movies only further hammered this point home - particularly in how the dynamic between Cyclops and Wolverine was constructed.

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