X-Men: 10 Times Rogue Stole Another Hero's Powers

Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Rogue Wolverine Claws
Marvel Comics

In a fantastic universe of superpowers that allows almost anyone to fly, stick to walls, and even shoot lasers from their hands, there is no group more diverse in Marvel Comics than the marvellous mutant team known as the X-Men.

This group of extraordinary people has one of the most varied and highly popular rosters of heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. Among this popular team is a hero who can absorb any other mutant's powers - as well as their memories and even personality traits - with a touch of her hands: Rogue.

Rogue has a long and complicated standing in Marvel comics, starting out her career as a super-strong enemy able to defeat even the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, before becoming a full-time member of the X-Men.

Her powers have come from several Marvel heroes and villains over the years, with some powers even becoming a permanent part of her character. Here are just a few of the biggest superpowers that Rogue has stolen from those around her to save the world...

10. Sunfire

Rogue Wolverine Claws
Marvel Comics

When the intrepid Anna Marie aka Rogue first appeared in the comics, she was not part of Professor Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. Instead, she was taken into the Brotherhood of Mutants by the shape-shifting Mystique. During this time Rogue teamed up with Sunfire, a mutant with powers equal to the sun itself.

Sunfire and Rogue were working with the Brotherhood of Mutants to gather tons of Adamantium. This is the indestructible metal that coats Wolverine's skeleton. The Brotherhood of Mutants wanted it to create an army of invincible samurai.

The plan failed and all memory of the deal was wiped from the minds of everyone involved except the mutant known as Lady Deathstrike. She regained her memory and fought Sunfire and Rogue, cutting off Sunfire's legs and nearly killing him.

Sunfire begged Rogue to take his powers to finish the fight against Lady Deathstrike. At first, Rogue only wanted to use a finger to absorb his powers, as to not kill the already weakened mutant.

Yet shockingly Blindspot pushed Rogue on top of Sunfire giving her not only his powers but his personality as well. Rogue eventually saved the day with Sunfire's powers, but it almost killed both of them. This once again showed the immense risks of using Rogue's powers.


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