10 Westerns You Need To Watch After Playing Red Dead Redemption 2

The greatest in fancy hats, facial hair and fabulous horses that cinema has to offer.

United Artists/Rockstar

Whether or not you've reached the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, you've no doubt fallen in love with the American Old West. Rockstar's sprawling tale of an outlaw gang in decline against the onslaught of ever-encroaching capitalism and corruption is elegiac, heartfelt and nothing short of breathtaking.

That being said, a great deal of people remain under the misconception that the western is an outdated, distasteful institution full of whooping savages and colonial jingoism. They're not entirely wrong, as up until the 1960s the western was (mostly) just that.

During the sixties and seventies, however, things started to change. Opinions on America's history evolved, and the idea of "The Wild West" shifted from glorious conquest to brutal genocide, and the genre began to reflect this - whether directly or figuratively.

The Red Dead Redemption series draws inspiration from the entire spectrum of Western fiction - from the enduring classics to the more complex works of the modern day. So let's have ourselves a little look at some of the films that helped to shape Red Dead into the masterpiece that it is.


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