8 Video Game Fan Films That Deserve Mainstream Recognition

Considering the talent of these indie gems, Hollywood has a lot to answer for.

Rainfall Films

Video game adaptations are rubbish. That can be said almost without qualification, as just about every single Hollywood attempt at adapting our favourite interactive tales has resulted in a savaging from critics and legions of fans baying for blood.

The most common issue is that games are adapted without adequate knowledge of the source material, and ape the surface level content of the original work while thoroughly missing the point of the creator's vision. The other issue is that Uwe Boll is seemingly given free rein to adapt what he wants, when he wants, and appears to possess whatever the logical opposite of talent is.

Of course, there are a few delicious sweetcorn kernels amidst the gigantic poo mound of video game adaptations. Netflix's Castlevania series is absolutely stunning in every regard, and Detective Pikachu was 104 minutes of serviceable fun. Even the recent Netflix adaptation of The Witcher isn't universally despised. Now, before you all flock to the comments section to screech at me that it's an adaptation of the books and not the games, it would absolutely not have been adapted if not for the success of The Witcher 3.

However, it's the world of fan films where video game adaptations truly shine. There are countless excellent short films and series based on our favourite franchises, created by independent filmmakers and studios on tiny budgets. These works, born out of passion and respect, deserve recognition far beyond what Hollywood has inflicted upon us. Let's give them some love.

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