Harry Potter Quiz - Only Dumbledore Could Match The Hogwarts Student To Their House

Afraid I'll speak the name you fear? Not Slytherin! Not Gryffindor! Not Hufflepuff! Not Ravenclaw!

Michael Gambon Harry Potter
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“Welcome, welcome, one and all. The show is about to start. I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat and it's time to play my part. You may call me worn and ragged, if that's all you truly see. But listen close and I will tell where you're supposed to be! Go ahead and try me. There's nothing left to fear. I'll find right where you belong by looking between your ears!”

Well, the legendary Sorting Hat of the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry always sounded confident. And why shouldn't it? Over the many centuries, it served the school by determining which of the four school Houses each new student belonged most to based on their traits, such as courage, determination, hard-working, loyalty, wit, creativity, resourcefulness and ambitions.

Regardless of its huge experience, reflected in its old and patched appearance, the masterpiece of four honoured founders of Hogwarts had a difficult time in the sorting of Harry Potter, the Boy who lived.

It's up to you, of course, to agree or disagree with the decision. Instead, we offer you to take this quiz to check whether you remember all the choices the phenomenal hat had made.

1. Harry Potter


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