Ranking Every Upcoming Star Wars Project - By Hype

The Force Is Strong in the future of Star Wars...


With the (somewhat underwhelming) conclusion to the sequel trilogy in The Rise Of Skywalker and the excellent first season of The Mandalorian reaching a fan-baiting climax, fans of the Star Wars universe are keeping their eyes peeled on the rumours and news emerging each week about upcoming projects that will see the franchise expand further yet in the coming years.

Whilst there certainly are a fair amount of exciting rumours out there on the internet, there is already more than enough that has been confirmed by Disney about upcoming projects that have sent some fans into a frenzy, well ahead of any release date.

Take a look at our ranking of the following upcoming Star Wars projects based on the hype they are getting from fans.

10. Thrawn: Ascendancy - Chaos Rising

Del Rey/Two Dots

The most low-key entry on this list, but still packing more than enough punch to excite fans of both the Grand Admiral himself and the rumours about expanding the series further into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

Returning author Timothy Zahn's original Thrawn trilogy was focussed mainly on filling in what the Chiss imperial was doing during his appearance on the Rebel's show that wasn't seen on-screen. The new trilogy will take place before the show began, and also explore Thrawn's origins from much further back before he even encountered the Empire.

It has long been suspected that with the completion of the "Skywalker Saga" the franchise would look to explore more and more of both the known and unknown regions of the galaxy. We know from both Star Wars Legends and the new Disney Cannon, that Thrawn's people have been engaged in struggles for power in the Unknown Regions for quite some time, and the new book series will be the first glimpse that the fans will have into learning more about this.

The implications of this could affect everything and anything from the plot of the touted Rebels sequel series, to the future trilogy (or trilogies) of films in the franchise. With a release date of May 5th 2020, fans will not have to wait long to get their hands on the first book in the new series, and perhaps find some hints at where the future of the franchise may indeed be heading.


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