10 "Joke" Video Game Weapons That Are Hilariously Overpowered

Death by disco.

Groovitron Ratchet And Clank
Insomniac Games

When it comes to video games there's an age old addage of "the hero is only as good as their tools". After all it'd be a whole lot more challanging to take on Godzilla with a breadknife than it would to do so with a 50 foot mega cannon which fires bullets the size of a car, so it makes a lot of sense for many games to constantly upgrade our weapons in order to make us feel ready to take on the final big bad.

However it's not always a smooth power level curve, as occassionaly in an effort to mess with players or simply provide them with a laugh, joke weapons will be inserted into the game, and while a lot of these comedy items are merely props that make funny noises or produce strange effects, a select few of these actually deliver big on their punchlines.

From finger guns that tear off limbs, to remote control flying rocket fists, there's laughs to be had with each and every one of these entries, and the only ones not cackling with joy will likely be those you use them on and perhaps the cleaning crew arriving later on the scene.


Script adapted from WhatCulture Gaming's Youtube channel. Watch here!

10. Hand Canon - Dead Space 2

Groovitron Ratchet And Clank

Dead Space as a franchise is utterly brutal. From it's grotesque enemy designs, to horrible death animations, every aspect of the game makes it clear that this is not going to be a fun time for Isaac Clarke... well that is unless you've equipped him with the Hand Cannon.

This foam fingered firearm can be unlocked after completing Dead Space 2 on Hard Core mode, a feat which might literally drive you mad for how difficult it is, in fact you might even look at the unlocked weapon and laugh maniacally as your reality blurs believing it not to be real.

Yet when it comes to using the Hand Cannon, it's no joke. This literal finger gun will shred through Necromorphs like butter making the entire game a breeze, plus there's no greater tension breaker than having Isaac yelling out "bang bang" or "pew pew" as he decapitates his foes.

Honestly using this feels like a fever dream, for not only have you gone through the all time hardest difficulty in the game, but now you're completely upending the tone of the remaining gameplay. A literal side splitter if ever there was one.


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