10 "Next Big Thing" Video Games Nobody Is Playing

10. Battleborn

battleborn game
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Things could have been oh so different for Battleborn. The success of both PUBG and Fortnite proves two fresh IPs can compete in the same genre if they’re different enough, but Battleborn was simply crushed under the weight of Overwatch.

In fairness, Blizzard’s hero shooter still stands as one of this decade’s best games. It’s tough competition. Battleborn even had some features Overwatch lacked, like the skill tree Overwatch 2 is set to adapt. It lacked the pick up and play feel of Tracer’s gang though; Battleborn was good once it got going, but had a much steeper learning curve.

A hero shooter’s charm is its heroes. By Battleborn requiring a few rounds to get used to someone, the appeal of switching to find a character which suited was massively diminished.

Within two months of its release, Overwatch came out and its regular player base dropped to under 1000. This month, sales for the game officially stopped, with the online marketplace closing in February, ready for servers to be permanently shut down in January 2021.

It’s tempting to say ‘get it while you still can!’ but, just don’t.

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