10 "WTF Did I Just Pay For?!" Video Games

They say you get what you pay for, but nobody paid for this!

skull island rise of kong
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Picture this: you've just got your hands on the video game you've been raving about for months, and the excitement is palpable. But then, horror strikes as you boot the game up and realise you've spent your money on an absolute garbage fire. Now you've got a broken heart... and a broken wallet.

Sadly, no matter where you sit in the gaming landscape, you have definitely had such an experience. Young or old, console or PC, nothing will save you from inevitably wasting your money on a crappy video game.

There are a lot of development studios out there, and it's safe to say they have a tough job. Creating a good gaming experience takes a metric tonne of hard work, and it doesn't always pay off, no matter how much effort goes into it. Still, as a consumer, it can be difficult to forgive when you've shelled out your hard-earned cash on something terrible.

The following games sadly fall into this category, as they were so bad players wished they had time machines to stop their younger selves from wasting their money on them.

10. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

skull island rise of kong

Is it too much to ask for a Triple-A game to run at a reliable 60 FPS in 2023? Is it really too much to ask?!

It's not wrong to expect a certain level of quality when picking up a Star Wars game. The perpetual cash cow created by George Lucas has no excuse for poor quality, given its vast wealth and prestige. That's what makes it all the more frustrating when you buy something this awful.

Jedi Survivor is, at its core, a great game. In fact, as of right now, you can pick it up and feel mostly happy due to the latest patches. However, the same cannot be said for that dark time (not in a galaxy far, far away) when the game first released in an unfinished state.

Playing this game was a nightmare as the poor frame rate issues led to it running like a stuttering car engine. This was a disastrous error considering the game's reliance on frame-perfect Soulslike combat.

When you're shelling out the money for a Triple-A release, then you expect the quality of a Triple-A release. That goes double for a property owned by the House of Mouse.


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