10 "WTF Did I Just Pay For?!" Video Games

9. WWE 2K20

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2K Games

WWE's annual video game releases were a steady staple of the wrestling world, and a perfect crossover for those who love a good bit of wrasslin' and gaming. However, the pressures of producing a high-quality game every year since 2014 eventually got to 2K Games, as their 2019 release of WWE 2K20 became a laughingstock.

This title was an absolute travesty, with barely anything worth praising. It was even a genuine downgrade from its predecessor, with more technical issues than Triple H has had Championships.

The character models were broken, the targeting was unreliable, the physics were all over the place, the graphics were outdated, and the online play was dire. Plus, outside of the technical issues, the game was also lacklustre, with a terrible MyCareer mode, sluggish gameplay, and an awful new control scheme. Wow, that is a lot.

WWE 2K20 is one of the worst wrestling games ever made, and those who shelled out their money for it felt like they'd been hit with a Tombstone Piledriver. 2K even went so far as to cancel 2K21, pushing out a rudimentary arcade game (WWE 2K Battlegrounds) instead and not returning to the mainline series until 2022.


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