10 3D Zelda Moments That Left You Speechless

We met with a terrible fate, didn't we?

Breath of the Wild plateau

The recently released Link's Awakening for Switch, a 3D console remake of a 2D Game Boy title, well and truly brought the all-time classic into a modern age.

Finally, a new generation will be able to experience some of the diddy adventure's most memorable moments, from Link finding his sword on the beach to Marin's tear-jerking Ballad of the Wind Fish.

The Game Boy title presaged Zelda's transition to 3D over twenty years ago, and since then we've seen the series continue to produce some of the most impactful moments in gaming history.

With this in mind, let us reflect on some of the best the long-running series has given us to date. These are the moments which left us crying tears of joy, sadness, or maybe even fear. As long as they could stun one into silence, it qualifies for this list.

Bear in mind of course, this list is a combination of fan consensus, as well as personal preference. If you don't see something you think should be on the list, feel free to leave a comment below, and it might appear in a future list!

Also - and obviously - spoilers ahead.

10. Link's Sister Is Kidnapped (Wind Waker)

With its cartoonish cell-shading, many fans were worried that this was not going to be Zelda as they came to know it, and would be inaccessible to an older audience.

Those fears were quickly put to rest however, when in the opening minutes of Wind Waker, Link’s little sister is suddenly picked up by a giant bird and carried away. And if that wasn’t enough to upset you, the devastated reaction of Link’s grandmother surely will, and on Link’s birthday no less!

This forces Link to join a ragtag team of pirates on their ship to venture out to a dark, intimidating fortress in an effort to break in and save her, leaving home for the first time, much to the apprehension of both Link and his grandmother. With this small adventure paving the way for the larger one ahead, we knew nothing had changed about the franchise we love, and that we could expect that epic journey as always.


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