10 Abysmally Terrible PS4 Video Games

The worst of the worst.

Life of Black Tiger

With the PS5 finally due to imminently hit stores, the PS4 is wrapping up its generation-dominating run, where it delivered a consistent slew of polished, high-quality AAA exclusives, and cemented itself as one of the greatest video game consoles of all time.

And while there are dozens if not hundreds of incredible games to fondly reminisce about, it's also important not to forget some of the utter tripe that Sony has allowed to be counted among the PS4's lineup.

These games, whether pure exclusives or console exclusives, represent the absolute worst "content" you could pay actual money to play on your PS4.

From AAA busts to promising "AA" titles which fell far short of their promise, and ultra-cynical indie games which tried to make a quick buck from players who didn't know better, these games are nothing short of unfettered garbage.

While a few of them might rouse the occasional unintentional laugh, for the most part they're miserable experiences tantamount to flushing your money down the loo.

If you're curious, you're better off just checking out some gameplay videos, because the PS4's library doesn't get any more tawdry than this...

10. Left Alive

Life of Black Tiger
Square Enix

Left Alive was sold almost solely on the involvement of legendary Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa, who created promotional art for the game and also designed some of its characters.

And while on paper the game certainly had the potential to be a thrilling spiritual successor to Hideo Kojima's beloved stealth-action franchise - what, with its giant mechs and stealth-centric gameplay - it was ultimately a catastrophe of atrocious game design.

Even if you can accept the overabundance of bugs, generic visuals - just look at those lens flares - and laughable voice acting, Left Alive simply wasn't fun in the slightest.

The stealth gameplay is ultimately more awkward and annoying than fun, made worse by inconsistent enemy A.I. and agonisingly long stretches between checkpoints.

Even with developers Ilinx eventually patching in a more casual difficulty setting, this was still a joyless slog to play through.

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