10 Abysmally Terrible PS4 Video Games

9. My Name Is Mayo

Life of Black Tiger
Green Lava Studios

My Name is Mayo occupies a special place on this list because, to be honest, it barely qualifies as a game at all.

The "game" revolves entirely around tapping on a jar of mayonnaise and...that's pretty much it.

As you click you way to 10,000 clicks in order to complete the game, you'll receive unrelated factoids and the ability to dress your jar up in kooky outfits, but this is really only a scarce attempt to disguise that it's just a glorified trophy-printing machine.

Given that it costs just 99p and its Platinum trophy can be obtained in a mere half-hour, it's surely the most cynical video game available on the PS4.

The fact that it makes a half-assed attempt to dress itself up as a quirky, self-aware "anti-game" commentary on gaming achievements only makes it that much more infuriating.

To make matters worse, it was just recently confirmed that a sequel is on the way.

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