10 Actors Who Should Be In The Witcher TV Series

9. Evan Rachel Wood As Shani

HBO/ CD Projekt Red

The Witcher series has a problem with it's female characters. A disproportionate number of the prominent women in the series are madly in love with Geralt. It's the James Bond problem - they have to try twice as hard to not be defined by their relationship to the stud of a protagonist.

Shani is no exception to this; she's a nurse who has history with Geralt, but still needs to come off as a well rounded individual in spite of this limiting role in the story.

This is why Evan Rachel Wood, best known for her current role in HBO's Westworld, would be a perfect choice for her. Wood has a great talent for infusing characters with humanity and inner strength. As a nurse, Shani is a deeply caring person, but has the internal fortitude to deal with illness and injury - both magical and otherwise.


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