10 Actors Who Stupidly Turned Down Video Games

9. Alec Baldwin - Grand Theft Auto 2

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The Grand Theft Auto franchise has featured voiceover roles from some of the most iconic and beloved actors in the business - Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Liotta, Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Ricky Gervais, and Danny Trejo, to name just a few.

But back before the series got its revolutionary 3D makeover, it also tried to lure in big-name Hollywood talent, with Alec Baldwin being offered a voice role in Grand Theft Auto 2.

Though it isn't clear precisely who Baldwin was invited to play, he ended up turning the gig down because of concerns over the game's content, and particularly the actions of his character:

"[The makers of] Grand Theft Auto came to me to do a voice of some mobster, many years ago, for Grand Theft Auto 2... And they offered this incomprehensible amount of money for one day's work... This ridiculous amount of money to just come in and record this voice for one or two days. And I turned them down because [the character] was a cop killer. And I didn't want to get near that [because] of my reputation; I have enough problems with the press as it is. I said no."

Given that not a single actor has had their career suffer from appearing in a GTA game, it's safe to say that Baldwin would've been able to just take the money and run, as he should have.


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