10 Actors Who Stupidly Turned Down Video Games

8. Tom Cruise - Every Single Video Game Based On His Movies

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Tom Cruise is without question one of the most famous actors on the planet - a bonafide movie star if they ever existed, and so it's little surprise that video game publishers have been all-too-eager to produce games based on his many hit movies.

Yet we've seen curiously few of these games made beyond the likes of Top Gun and Mission: Impossible, because there's one continual issue: Cruise has never lent his likeness to a video game.

Cruise is extremely protective of how his image is used in movie merchandise, and has never allowed his face to be used in action figures or video games based on his films.

And so, none of the several Top Gun games nor 1998's Mission: Impossible were able to use Cruise's likeness in the game or even on the box, which of course created quite the commercial hurdle for them.

Cruise hasn't ever explained the reasoning behind this, but given the many commercially successful movies he's made that would've been ripe for the video game treatment - Edge of Tomorrow, anyone? - he's been leaving millions on the table.

Granted, Cruise is clearly plenty wealthy without, but since when has enough ever really been enough for the Hollywood A-list?


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