10 Alternate Video Game Boss Strategies You Never Knew

Save yourself a ton of time and effort.

The Witcher 3
CD Projekt RED

Video game boss fights, above all else, are supposed to be challenging skill-checks in which the player has their mettle tested against a tough, often comically oversized foe.

And while many boss fights have multiple methods for victory, sometimes there's a tricksy, even comically simple alternate method which few players actually know about.

We as players can become so fixated on the apparent rules of the fight that we forget about an ability or piece of equipment we can use to tip the odds in our favour.

In some cases the developers absolutely intended for attentive players to uncover these tricks, while in others it was nothing more than a programming oversight.

In extreme examples, players are even able to take advantage of glitches and exploits to net themselves a comically straight-forward win against an otherwise infuriatingly challenging boss.

Though most of these alternate strategies won't bring you much pride or cred among your gaming brethren, they will nevertheless save you a ton of time, effort, and fits of rage where you contemplate hurling your wireless controller through an open window...

10. Use The Grappling Hook To Beat Di Ravello In Seconds - Just Cause 3

The Witcher 3
Square Enix

Just Cause 3's final boss fight sees the player taking on antagonist General Sebastiano Di Ravello inside an active volcano...while he's holed up in the apparent safety of a helicopter gunship.

Though the obvious implication is that you need to slog it through a tough battle against Ravello and his chopper, there's an hilariously simple alternate method - one so devastatingly simple you probably never even thought of it.

Players can use Rico's trusty grappling hook to tether the helicopter to the ground whenever its shields aren't up, causing it to immediately crash-land and explode in a glorious fireball.

And just like that, a potentially aggravating boss fight requiring numerous attempts is reduced to a 15-second cakewalk.

If nothing else, it's certainly within the knowingly daft vein of the franchise, no matter that it was clearly a design gaffe on the part of Avalanche Studios.


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