10 Alternate Video Game Boss Strategies You Never Knew

9. Shoot The Statues To Break Psycho Mantis' Control - Metal Gear Solid

The Witcher 3

Metal Gear Solid's Psycho Mantis is one of the most ingeniously tricky bosses in video game history, given his ability to "read the mind" of Solid Snake, ensuring all of the player's attempts to attack Mantis are blocked or otherwise countered.

Two decades on, everyone knows the main method to beat Mantis - you simply switch your controller from port one to port two, breaking the psychic hold over Snake and allowing you to finally mount some offense.

But there's another lesser-known strategy for players who continue to die after ignoring or misunderstanding Colonel Campbell's advice about the controller trick.

Campbell will call Snake again and tell him to shoot the two mask-wearing bust statues in the office, which will immediately break Mantis' psychic hold as though you'd simply done the controller trick.

Trying to do this right at the start of the battle won't suffice, though: you need to wait until advised by Campbell.


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