10 Alternate Video Game Costumes You Never Took Off

9. Batman Beyond Batsuit - Batman: Arkham City

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In the 83 years that Batman has been known to audiences, there have been a plethora of iconic outfits that the Caped Crusader has worn in his efforts to keep Gotham City safe.

Though many of the suits are ones that Bruce Wayne has donned, there are more than a few instances where other characters have taken up the Batman mantle, and with 1999's animated series, Batman Beyond, teenager Terry McGinnis assumes the role of the Dark Knight in a near-future setting.

The opportunity to role-play as the much-loved Terry McGinnis is an exciting though to many, not only because the Beyond alternate costume is both immensely cool in the visuals department. A sleek, black get-up with a striking red bat on the chest makes simplicity its biggest attraction.

Arkham City is the first in the much-loved Rocksteady series to feature an expansive open world, so gliding, sneaking and traversing the Gotham City skyline in one of DC's most stunning suits is a proposition that many couldn't pass up.

Arkham City and Arkham Asylum both offer truly memorable default bat suits, each doing well to stick to the source material while making them recognisable for the games, but the Batman Beyond outfit is simply too cool to refuse.


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